About Us

Bot-Hive are building the world’s robot marketplace. Bot-Hive are an early-stage startup with big ambitions to help support the way SME businesses begin their automation journey.

The Bot-Hive team are fully committed to the idea that with the right deployment, the technology will provide benefits to companies across all industries, with the potential to create solutions to problems we’ve previously not been able to fix.

Our Mission: To make robots universally accessible to everyone, enabling social and economic prosperity.

The Bot-Hive team are driven by innovation and are determined to make a difference to the future of work across industries.

We are proud to be backed and supported by Britbots and the Startup Funding Club and supported by Bristol Robotics Lab. With a diverse background, each member brings their own personality to the team.


Chris the Co-Founder of Bot-Hive and is responsible for helping robotic manufacturers drive digital revenue growth and working with SMEs to help them take the first step into automation


Client management and marketing is Yas’s speciality. Yas looks after all of your account queries and helps you use the Bot-Hive platform.


Jacques is the Co-Founder of Bot-Hive and is responsible for the finances of the company along with developing investor relations.


Jason is responsible for all things digital. He helps small businesses better understand what robotics technology is right for them and then implements the technology.


Joe is dedicated to making Bot-Hive a better platform. He works across UX projects, rolling out new website features and making Bot-Hive a better place to find information.


Neil’s background is in journalism and he uses that experience to drive the content plan for Bot-Hive. Any content queries go through Neil.


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