The robots are coming… To Cardiff

Food. Games. Music. Robots

Experience the future of festivals at Bot-Fest 2019.

The UK’s first street food and music festival, working with robots.
Robots will serve you drinks, play the music and serve your food.
Join the party. Saturday 22nd June 2019.

The Bridge Studios, Cardiff



14:00 | Universal Robots Cobot Showcase

14:45 | Miro-E Education Robot Demo

15:30 | Genie Connect Assisted Living Session

16:15 | HausBot Wall Painting Gathering

17:00 | Glaslyn Robot Band Performance

Please note this event will be filmed. If you do not wish to be on camera, let our team know.

Event Partners

Cobots from Universal Robots give manufacturers access to all the benefits of advanced robotic automation, without the extra costs associated with traditional robots: difficult programming, long set-up, and shielded work cells. The robots will be used to assist with serving food.

Hausbot’s mission is to bring technology into Painting and Decorating. They are developing a suite of products to make painting faster, smarter and safer. Their first product is a Wall Climbing Painting Robot, perfect for large exterior jobs, including brickwork.

Genie Connect is a companion robot service that uses a friendly, intuitive voice enabled robot to offer connectivity and support to the UK’s older adults.

Consequential Robotics delivers the best of British & international design and engineering to the development of next generation consumer and commercial robots. They aim to create new robot platforms that are inclusively designed, attractive, effective and helpful, with the long-term aim to enhance the quality of human life.

Vendors and Other Partners

From Arancini (fried risotto balls) to Zeppole (sweet fried dough balls), Modo Italian bring you the best Street Food from around Italy. Buon appetito!

Scotch eggs have forever been the ultimate snack. Dissatisfied by the countless phony imitations served in supermarkets and the spiritless feeling you are left with after eating one, Holy Yolks decided enough is enough! And boy have they done something about it.

Try the scotch eggs for yourself.

Arcadian Brewing have a wide variety of beer styles and brew a diverse range, reflecting their passions and the changing seasons.

Artisan of luxury dairy ice cream. Joe’s – Everything else is just ice cream! An Italian recipe, produced in Wales since 1922, using ingredients of the finest quality.

Glaslyn is the new collaborative project of experimental composer/producer Kayla Painter and singer/songwriter Al Lewis. Interested in creating music that allowed their genres to intertwine, the pair set out to create something fresh and exciting. Together they have explored new avenues within their songwriting and written songs which neither would have written alone. The result being a body of work which truly stretched both their songwriting boundaries.