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Be an Industry 4.0 Thought Leader

Industry 4.0

Definition: Industry 4.0 is a shortened term to power-phrase the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the concept of digitalized machines working together to develop the way products are manufactured. It’s been seen as a bit of a marketing buzzword for a number of years but indicators are showing that industries are now adopting digital practices to enhance the way things are made, moved and handled.

Originally used as a term to describe the process of digitalized manufacturing, it’s now becoming a more universally term to describe how physical products are being managed by digital processes across all industry sectors.

We believe Industry 4.0 is now finally here. We believe the time is here for the mass market to begin their automation journey. For years the fourth industrial revolution has been something that policy makers and key stakeholders have been discussing, debating and casting their opinion on. However, there has been little proof across the SME market that we are actually in a state of ‘revolution’.

With UK productivity being below par versus its European and global counterparts, the UK’s imminent departure from the EU and current significant political change, we believe we are entering a period of independence and need to drive internal innovation.

Reasons for SMEs to start using robots

Whatever your industry, robotics and automation is set to play a major role in the growth of your organization over the next ten years. For instance, medical practitioners and health workers are leaning on robotics to enhance the way patients are cared outside of hospital environments, product manufacturers are looking at robotics to improve their productivity and production output, the logistics and transport industry are innovating heavily to build solutions across delivery and warehouse management applications. Here are a number of benefits that SMEs are benefitting from today by using robotics:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Productivity
  • Opportunity for staff to upskill
  • Faster product turnaround
  • Demonstrable ROI
  • Safer work environments

The beauty of new technology means that such robot solutions have now become accessible to businesses of all sizes. Robotics is no longer something of the future. Get ahead today by beginning your automation journey.

What is Bot-Talks?

Bot-Talks is a premium conference and networking event based in Bristol bringing together:

» Experts on Industry 4.0

» UK based SME attendees

» 20 min Thought Leadership Focus Presentations across a 3 hour conference programme

» A networking hall with exhibiting companies

» Showcase of live robot demonstrations

Who is Attending?

180 Conference Attendees

80% SME business owners, managers and employees from:
Food & Drink, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Logistics & Transport, Healthcare, Farming & Agriculture, Facilities Management and more.

15% Academics & Tech Enthusiasts

5% Press

When & Where?

Wednesday 20th November 2019

Watershed, 1, Canon’s Road, Harbourside, Bristol

Conference: 2pm-5pm

Networking: 5pm-8pm

Networking Hall

From 5pm-8pm we are inviting business from the region to come and view some of the world leading robot technologies. Rub shoulders with the best in our sector and demo your solutions to SMEs from your industry sector.

250+ attendees

Interested in speaking or sponsoring?

  • Networking
  • £750
  • 90 Second video with Bot-Hive’s head of content
  • Digital diustribution pre and post event
  • Table and chairs in demonstration area
  • Company logo on event literature
  • Copy of Delegate Data
  • Talk to the team
  • Thought Leadership
  • £1,500 (4 available)
  • 90 Second video with Bot-Hive’s head of content
  • Digital diustribution pre and post event
  • Table and chairs in demonstration area
  • Company logo on event literature
  • Copy of Delegate Data
  • Written interview hosted on the Bot-Hive site and distributed via digital channels
  • Speaking slot to present at seated conference
  • Filming of full conference presentation
  • Logo on the full event day video cut
  • Talk to the team