Franka Emika Panda

Introducing the Franka Emika Robot

The Panda offers the easiest and fastest workflow-based user experience. Using Desk – Franka Emika’s browser based interface – apps can be arranged to create entire tasks in no time. These tasks can quickly be adapted, reused or deployed on multiple robots to remarkably reduce setup costs and time.

This browser-based support makes re-programming the Panda simple, like downloading an app from the Apple Store for your iPhone, and lets the robot carry out various tasks, like pick and place or product assembly.

Where does it fit?

Buying a cobot isn’t like buying a new toy, it needs a purpose. The Franka Emika Panda is the ideal first step into automation with an easy to program pick-and-place user interface, which is perfect for many packaging tasks.

The Franka Emika Panda is forced controlled and can be programmed quickly by simply moving the robot, this makes it ideally suited to a variety of tasks in different industry sectors.

How can you use the Franka Emika Panda?

The Franka Emika Panda can be used for a number of different tasks, from filmmaking with slow, close-up product shots, to assembling components in a manufacturing environment.

Product Details

Inspired by human agility and sense of touch, it is a sensitive and extraordinarily versatile power tool. With torque sensors in all seven axes, the arm skillfully and delicately manipulates objects, flawlessly accomplishing tasks you program it for.

Unique characteristics of the collaborative lightweight robot system designed specifically to assist humans. Architected, designed and developed by Franka Emika GmbH in Munich and produced in Germany.

  • 7 Degrees of freedom
  • Sensitivity in all 7 axes
  • German build quality and precision
  • Bench-mounted
  • Integrated Joint Modules
  • Learning ability
  • Simple App based programming
  • Easy start