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The problem we’re fixing

By and large, most SMEs are not currently profiting from the benefits that robots can bring. There are several causes behind this, ranging from a lack of awareness and education on the existence of the technology, through to cost and the implementation phase. Robot manufacturers do not have the capacity or internal resources to tackle these challenges at scale.

The solution we’re providing

Bot-Hive is a unique platform, designed to support the way SMEs throughout their journey of automation. We remove the difficulties robot manufacturers face with sales and marketing, which enables them to focus on their product development strategies.

Size of the market

The robot industry is currently estimated at $55 billion. The market has grown at an estimated rate of 17% YoY. However, as more suppliers enter the market, the prices come down. The robot market forces are shifting quickly. According to forecasts, sales for industrial robots is due to triple by 2025. Recognising this significant growth, most experts suggest these numbers are a mere drop in the ocean by comparison to the true growth potential.

The team

The Bot-Hive team has over 40 years of combined experienced in creating and commercialising online communities. We’re a creative blend of digital, publishing and web development experts. For more information on our team click here.

In case you were wondering, Bot-Hive makes its money by offering three core revenue streams.


The Bot-Hive platform operates on a “freemium” model, providing robot manufacturers, resellers and integrator partners with the opportunity to publish content, attain analytics and generate leads. There are three subscription tiers. For further details, please click here.


Perfect for technologies that can be self-taught by the end-user and do not require expertise at the installation and adoption stage. Bot-Hive provides a platform for manufacturers to sell their products directly to end-users at the cost of transaction percentage. For more information, please click here.


For technologies that require skilled installation and integration, we offer a reseller and integration service providing manufacturers with a unique marketing reward structure. Robot manufacturers can allocate a proportion of the reseller commission to their subscription and any additional marketing activities across the Bot-Hive portfolio. For more details click here.

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