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Bot-Hive is a startup co-founded by a team of six marketing robotic sector experts and has received initial seed funding from venture fund BritBots and the Startup Funding Club. This has enabled Bot-Hive to fully build out its industry-leading website and to secure partnerships with leading robot manufacturers and SMEs, and their trade associations.

Bot-Hive believes that automation and robotics is the future for global manufacturing, but that the implications of undergoing such a radical transition needs to be fully understood and explained to both SMEs and workforces. Bot-Hive hopes to play its part in making a smooth transition to automation.

Meet the founders

Jacques Bonfrer

Jacques role is to run the finances of the company along with developing investor relations. He loves LFC, trail running and being full time Dad.

Chris Hayes

Chris helps robot companies drive digital revenue growth. He’s also a keen sports fan and always looking to learn. Feel free to say hi!

Key Media Information