The Power of the Case Study

“Seeing is believing”. “Facts tell, a story sells”. Whichever anecdote you subscribe to, nothing quite sells new technology like a well constructed and digestible case study. The reason for this is simple. If a business can identify and relate to a similar organisation to themselves who have already purchased a product and began their journey into automation, that leap into the unknown all of a sudden becomes a little less daunting.

That’s why the Bot-Hive platform is purpose built to enable SME users to search and explore examples of business like themselves who have successfully implemented solutions to problems that they too are experiencing in their business.

Why Publish On Bot-Hive?

  1. Educate

    Teach the SME market about the benefits of adopting robotics into their businesses

  2. Engage

    Drive engagement from the SME market to your technology, business and content

  3. Generate Demand

    Create new business contacts, leads and opportunities from SME business owners

  4. Data

    Access industry insights allowing you to get a better understanding of what SMEs’ are looking for via the Bot-Hive analytics suite

  5. Optimise

    Ability to optimise your marketing and sales content based on search trends and content engagement from our users via the Bot-Hive analytics suite

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