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What robotics consulting should be

Your needs come first. Here at Bot-Hive’s Robotics consultations that is exactly what happens. Whether you want to buy a collaborative robot, drone or complete automated solution, we strip your needs right back. We identify what the minimum cost is to your business ensuring that it will have the maximum result and impact.

Automation is about two things; productivity and task replacement. If a task is dangerous, dirty or dull for human workers, or you simply don’t have the labour force and can’t find the right person for the job, that is a priority for automation. With the right advice, you’ll have a clear picture on what the right automation solution will look like for your task and how you can make your workplace more productive and competitive.

Take Your First Step

Bot-Hive will help start the process of automation. We aren’t here to deliver a full, end-to-end production line with all the bells and whistles. We’re here to help you take the first small step.

It’s important we recommend intuitive, versatile and affordable robotics solutions that will help people understand what robotics are capable of. Here are some of the solutions we work with:

Franka Emika

Franka Emika redefined robotics with the robotic system Panda Powertool, currently the fastest-selling industry-suited robot in the world.

In pursuit of high-performance and accessibility, Frank Emika have combined human-centered design with expert engineering, giving rise to a masterpiece of award winning technology.

The Franka Emika Panda is forced controlled and can be programmed quickly by simply moving the robot, meaning it can carry out an array of different tasks like pick and place and packaging processes.

The Bot-Hive Method

Get started

It’s often hard to know where to start with automation. The scariest step is the first one, so for a quick and honest chat about what you want to automate and the production challenges your business are having, schedule a call below.