Changing the way businesses buy robotics

When we purchase consumer tech such as TVs, laptops and smartphones we have the luxury of review websites, expert recommendations and comparison data to help us make the right purchase decision.

Why isn’t it the same for businesses investing in robotics and automation?

What is Bot-Hive?

Bot-Hive is a purpose built platform designed to help businesses research, adopt and onboard robotics solutions.
Bot-Hive is an online platform that allows you to showcase your robotics solution and educate your audience about what your product can do. Here are the tolls in the Bot-Hive platform:

Company Information

Case Studies

Product Reviews

Latest News

Price Information

New Prototypes

Event Information


Three ways to get started with Bot-Hive

Product Reviews

Get your automation and robotics solution reviewed by the expert editorial team and showcase your products, case studies and companies on the Bot-Hive website. Book a meeting with our media team and get started on your account right now.

Reselling Products

If you need to take the weight of sales and marketing off your feet and focus on research and development or you’re looking at targeting a new market, talk to the Bot-Hive team about reselling your automation solution.

Publish Content

To start hosting your success stories, case studies, product releases, news and all your company information on the Bot-Hive site, have a look at why using the Bot-Hive platform helps businesses and see what’s included in each of the subscription tiers.